At the beginning of 2013 we were looking for a bed for our dogs Minnie and Buster. We were looking for a bed that was easy to keep clean, attractive and fragrant, I mean, who likes to walk into a house and smell dog bed?!


Little did we know how difficult that would be, a lot of beds we came across were 'washable' but certainly wouldn't fit in our domestic washing machine. In a quiet moment, I got to thinking about mattresses and sheets and wondering why we even considered washing a whole dog bed, I've certainly never put my whole bed in the wash! That's when I thought about the idea of 'beds like ours' with washable sheets. Of course, I don't lie around in my bed all day, possibly wet and even a little muddy so the mattress needed a little extra thought and that's how the wipeable 'mattress' and cosy fabric 'sheets' evolved.

Meet the Team:



Founder and boss

Happy behind the scenes creating products and managing the website.

Loving owner of Minnie, a working cocker spaniel.



Front woman

Loves meeting all our lovely customers at summer shows around the country.

Loving owner of Daffy, a bouncy sproodle.



Caroline's husband extraordinaire - happy to lend a hand whenever he's asked (which he is - a lot!)



Instagram queen

it's a tough job, but someone has to do it!



Show him an Airedale and he's in heaven.