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Hi, Larry would like to tell you how much he loves his new Gerties and Berties bed, and I would like to congratulate you on an inspirational idea. I bought two sheets and a bed from you, and I love how easy it is to change and wash the sheets. No more smelly dirty bed for Larry. Thanks, Chrissie



Frodo (is) ‘Living the dream!' Mike Ball



I am so glad I found you at the Surrey Show.  Our dog 'Bailey' loves his Gerties and Berties dog bed.  He is extremely comfortable in it and uses the rim to rest his head on.  The concept of 'changing the sheet' on the bed is a great idea and one that works.  The bed is well made, durable, easy to manage and light enough to use for travel.  We use it in the house but have taken it camping too, as it is ideal.  The cover is easy to put on the bed, take off and washes well.  We have now bought your memory foam mattress topper which again is well made and just gives our arthritic Labrador a little more comfort.  Our dog is a happy chap with his G&B bed. Sandie Walpole



Freddie loves his new Gerties and Berties bed bought today at dogfest, thanks so much, it will definitely make washing easier when he has buried his bones in it Debbie Simpson



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